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Clean Ink Hygiene

Clean Ink has been formulated to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, mycobacteria and bacterial spores.
A high medical grade cleaner designed exclusively for the Tattoo and Piercing studios.
60 Second effective proven contact time against microorganisms including TB, fungi, spores and viruses, using recognised European EN test methods.

Clean ink is non-toxic to users and is completely non-alcohol in its design it directly and quickly removes viruses from surfaces. When tested against the leading hygiene brands clean ink is found to have the fastest kill time, up to 10 times quicker.
The cleaning solutions are harmless to surface, instruments and skin and unlike some cleaners has a pleasant smell.
Simply spray your surface with Clean Ink and wait for 60 seconds for the cleaner to interact with the cells. After 60 seconds the bacteria / virus will break down leaving a clean and safe surface.

Clean Ink is made of:

Cationic surfactants – Broad spectrum biocide, positively charges and attracted to negative charges of bacterial cells.
Non-ionic surfactants – Enhances cleaning activity and biocidal efficacy of cationic surfactants.
Biguanide – PHMB, broad spectrum biocide commonly used in wound dressings.
Isopropyl Alcohol (<10%) – A small amount added as a solubilising agent

Medical grade technology.
60 second contact time proven efficacy against microorganisms including TB, fungi, spores and viruses, using EN test methods.
Effective in clean & dirty conditions.
Cleans and disinfects.